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The Oscars!

I couldn't stay up this time and watch the celebs arrive but my goodness were the outfits a disappointment! anyway here are some of my favourites:

I quite like this dress is simple and elegant but it does make her shoulders look larger than they probably are and make her legs almost disappear! I love the lower half though regardless but is just makes the top of her body strangely out of proportion!

Very beautiful dress, its ethereal folds and gorgeous colouring make it stunning to look at, but I'm not entirely convinced Halle Berry can pull it off and I'm not sure the colouring works with her. I also think her hair could do with a touch more style as she's had this hair cut for quite a while!

Another gorgeous dress I love the deep colour and the lace detail, but its a touch too dark for Scarlet and her light colouring it would really stand out better on some one with a more olive skin complexion.

I really love this vintage style dress it works perfectly with Cate's figure and the colour does not wash her out! but that weird yellow beading sorta ruins the impact.

The simplicity of this dress is what makes it work, the colour is simply spot on with that added oscar sparkle make it memorable and totally wearable!

Hailee has been well dressed at all the occasions she's been to and this cute little number is no difference she looks like the cutest little princess going to her ball keep it up Hailee!

I hadn't been too keen on Natalie's golden globes dress but she hit the nail on the head with this one the colour is perfect and so is the cut its always better to go for a simpler design when you're pregnant but that doesn't mean you can't look gorgeous and this is what Natalie proves.

My winner of the evening Mila Kunis would look flawless in a bin bag but what she's wearing here is just so beautiful I don't believe anyone could top it and in my opinion no one did! The colour is gorgeous and the interesting cut works well I love the flow of it and how it catches the wind and glides perfectly.
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Cecilia Carlstedt and Lina Ekstrand

 I thought I'd dump some artist's here who I adore so I remember them and give them a little coverage!
First up Cecilia Carlstedt: 

What I really like about Cecilia's art is that everything is very elegant and effortless.

Lina Ekstrand

I love the organic nature of Lina Ekstrand's work her use of pencil and colours create new dimensions to her work and her effortless blend of fashion against illustration makes for some real gorgeous pieces. 
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I have been thinking...not a good thing

So while watching new moon I asked myself why do women/people love Edward Cullen. Aside from him supposedly being perfect to look at I began to think about it a little more deeply and came to this theory:
Edward Cullen is a woman.
Yes I know its a bit different and I'm not trying to offend anyone but I believe its that Edward is a woman, he has all the woman traits, hes obsessive he's manipulative he isn't really a sexual predator either. In my opinion the relationship between Edward and Bella is not overtly sexual, this I feel is more apparent in the films then the books. Either way I think its this kind of lack of fear in being forced by a man into sexual situations that makes Edward so attractive. Sure women like sex, but young girls who may or may not have done it always have that fear in the back of their mind that one day they will have a bad sexual experience. This is why Edward who is able to sleep next to Bella without leaping on her or doesn't pin her against the wall and violently take her. These fears that girls have (in particular the young)against normal men are not present within Edward. The reason I believe Edwards a woman is because he has this whole over the top tell you what you want thing, this restraint in sexual need and yet strength when it comes to dealing with people he loves. He also like some women (sorry to say) runs away from his problems and spouts terrible ideals of love. Perhaps not a woman but more like a girl. He's appealing to girls because he is like your best friend but with benefits. Hes "attractive" "dangerous" and "immortal". That is not to say those that like Edward are secretly lesbians or have underlying homosexual tendencies its just that he allows women to feel comfortable maybe even safe, reading about a man that doesn't want to have sex all the time. Girls especially those at high school are so used to seeing boys abuse other girls to gain sexual favours and advancement (that is from my own experiences in high school life.)

So my belief is that Edward is A) A woman and B) has little to no sex drive so therefore is not viewed as a threat.
We all know that there are those crazy girls/women who will stalk boys they like, who'll follow them round then act like they hate them. Who will want to protect those they love anyway they can and who will have inner angst over small issues.
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So Alevel results came out....

and well see for yourself:
English C :|
Photog B :)-already knew this

Art B :D

History....................A :O :O -hyperventilate- WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT, I thought yeah a C would be nice so I could drop english...BUT AN A well happy with these results the B in art was also a pleasant surprise as my art teachers had given me an E then said I was lucky to be getting a C and it was "highly" unlikely to be getting anything other then that. But yayay so english BE GONE and it was all in one day ;)
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In which Illness will certainly be the death of me if swine flu doesn't get me first

So it happened I finally got ill -_- (it would happen when the swine flu epidemic or pandemic whatever crap they're calling it)   and scared the shit out of me when I woke up feeling like death and hallucinating like mad as I usually do when I get ill (I actually go a bit mental to be honest)  I thought I may well have had swine flu as the sister who's room is across the landing from mine had quarantened herself due to having all the symptons of swine flu. So me being both paranoid and lacking in an immune system a mist with having a few thoughts or "premonitions" that my death was coming soon, I pretty much freaked out (a bit more then I usually do when I get ill). I wouldn't stay in my room for more then a few minutes because it "scared me" thats right my room "scared me." Any way so Day one of Bex and her cold went some thing like this:

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(no subject)

So I got my sims three a few months ago and I thought hey lets set up a gallery so people (mainly myself) can see what I've been up to! I've decided to make mini stories and captions to make it a little more fun! anyway if you got time take a quick look:

Go on click it ;D

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from the worst day of my life to one of the best

the convo goes like this:
johnny signs my magazine and I say: thank you -really grateful- he looks up looks at me looks away then looks back at me and my friend nic-
Johnny: You alright?
Nic: Yeah
Johnny: looks like your getting a bit crushed!
Nic: Lol yeah
Johnny: Better get out then!
according to nic he continued to speak to us for awhile afterwards but I was long gone! he was actually looking at me and nic IN THE EYES! I love him forevers now!
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worst day of my life

I can't believe hes dead. Michael Jackson the music from my childhood, the music that brought me and my sister together, the music that inspires that captures every beautiful beat, the man who made the moon walk what is. This man is more to me and more to music then anything and any one else. To know he is dead. I think a part of me has died.
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Two Planets

hmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm starting a new drawing, its called the big crash, so far I have this big goddess in the sky and she has this almost bat like crown. And her dress kind of becomes a scene of both barbed wire and a train crash. If I finish it, it might be of actual uploading standards. Its unlikely though D:. 
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MAN my head hurts alot! I've been getting to much sleep! Its annoying though, I have so much work, and yet so little will or time to do it, I just want to draw what I want to draw, I don't want to draw landscapes it does not interest me. *sigh* Alas this is the path I've taken.
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